If you need animal removal or raccoons removed or squirrels removed call the above numbers right away.

Property owners have to deal with headaches of raccoons, squirrels, flying squirrels, rats, mice and a variety of problems stemming from these animals entering the home to find shelter through the roof, living under decks or making their way into your chimney.
Many expensive damages have occurred to properties, both inside and out, due to habitation of these animals. Hi! My name is Shawn Love and I am the owner/operator of Loves Wildlife Removal & Pest Control. My clients deal directly with me. I am a licensed and insured trapper/exterminator and have been in business for over 25 years, servicing New York, primarily all of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens. My services include taking care of the problem with the animals and also repairing the damages, so this prevents my clients from having to hire additional people.

Animal control, squirrel removal, raccoon removal and dead animal removal have been our business for over 25 years. As an animal removal professional specializing in trapping raccoons and trapping squirrels in Nassau County and Suffolk County we can tell you there is no other company with our experience.

We have been trapping Raccoons and trapping Squirrels in New York and on Long Island for many years. Wildlife removal and control is the most important part of our business.

Raccoon trapping and Squirrel trapping jobs are done differently by other companies. We PRIDE ourselves in telling our customers that in all the 25 years of laying traps for thousands of customers we have only failed once.
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